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Emmaljunga 3in1 pram combo

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Emmaljunga 3in1 pram combo

Post by elaine on Sat Jun 13, 2009 8:06 am


had this in ALL BLACK
my first ever pram for taylor.
carrycot part,stroller seat...snug raincover and the boot cover for the pram unzipped at the bottom to reveal it was a footmuff for the stroller part was in my eyes perfect...i loved it.
but at the same time couldnt wait to get rid of it...which i did and regretted it the moment i did...and the reason i did was because i knew i would have to get a twin buggy soon as was preg with dylan when i sold it on.

the suspension was amazing and the pram itself was snug,cosy and great quality...had a couple of flat tyres which i replaced (wasnt cheap) and had them filled with anti puncture gel which i now do with all my pneumatic tyred prams...saves alot of problems when your out and far away from a pump or repair kit. and that helps with costs in the long run if you do it as soon as you get your pram.
was a very sturdy pram and very reliable too.
lightweight compared to most 3 in1s aswell

if given the choice id have got that again for when dylan was born...
500 well spent imo


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